In contrast to traditional Private Branch Exchange, a hosted PBX is a cloud-based system that is connected through an IP network. We take over the responsibility of hardware, software, training, and maintenance from you and handle it from there, enabling you to focus on your business.

There are no installation costs because it is operated off-site. A hosted PBX system will provision you with a user-friendly control panel for running your phone systems.

At Hotwire Telecom, we realize the headache that comes with poor quality communication service when a business does not have the bandwidth to put VoIP and UC on your inside business network. We can fix this by providing bandwidth and then employing a dedicated person for in-house network administration.

Our long-time industry experience provides us with the ability to handle complex requests from several queries that may require many different forwarding rules. We have won the trust of our clients by serving them with personalized customer service in exchange. In addition to a hosted PBX system up and running, you don’t have to be a telecom expert. We’ll bring you there.

With a Hosted PBX, you get to:

Stay connected at all times and from any location. Because hosted solutions are not based on hardware in your office, the services are not limited to a single location. To use the services and features we provide, all you need is a cloud connection.

Maintain your readiness for the future. Hosted services are adaptable and can be easily scaled up or down to meet the changing needs of your business.

Save a large portion of your business profits and invest them elsewhere. Hosted services are significantly less expensive than premise-based solutions because all you need is a VoIP-enabled phone. Also, the monthly phone bill is reduced dramatically.

It reduces complexity. As Modern hosted PBX solutions have user-friendly interfaces, allowing staff to manage calls without constantly seeking IT assistance.

Maintain your primary focus. Your goal is to manage your company, not the phone system. Allowing us to manage your phone needs helps to increase efficiency to focus on your business objectives.

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