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Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver a diverse experience under one roof to alleviate you of the cloud of doubt when selecting a communication company. We are a one-stop-shop in the rapidly expanding multi-channel world,  that provides world-class integrated media solutions.

Why Choose Us?

We tackle your most complex broadband challenges and create custom solutions that are certified, protected, proved, and tested in response to your needs. Our team of experts put in a lot of effort to meet and exceed both expectations and regulations.

We believe in modern technology and infrastructure that not only enhances quality communication but also maintains plenty of competitive advantages. In-house projects are easily achievable, which is what we are after, thanks to modern infrastructure.

At Hotwire Telecom, we are dedicated to delivering the best possible customer experience. As a result, we handpick and carefully review your partners to ensure that they match our high-quality standards and have the expertise to meet your network needs, which include design, installation, and testing.

We’ve also formed alliances with industry leaders to assure that we interface with other leading offerings in the market, stick to standards, and provide you with the maximum value for the best possible price.

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Frequently Asked Quesions

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Why do you need PBXs?

PBXs allow businesses to manage their telephone systems by providing voice and fax capabilities, as well as phone directory services and Call Queuing.

Why should you opt for a Modern Hosted PBX for business needs?

It mainly reduces complexity. Modern hosted PBX solutions have user-friendly interfaces, allowing staff to manage calls without constantly seeking IT assistance. It saves you both time and cost accordingly.

Is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) the right decision for me?

Even though VoIP is beneficial to many businesses, it is not appropriate for all. We can assist you in determining whether or not the technology is right for you. We can evaluate your business needs and advise whether VoIP technology is a good fit for you based on our years of experience.

What role does Multi Protocol Label Switching (or MPLS) play in my company?

This technology makes it simple to manage a network for quality of service, in addition to moving traffic faster. As a result, the technology is ideal for growing businesses with a variety of telecommunications requirements.